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The Power of an experience
Happometer helps innovative managers create and validate great experiences.
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The Happometer Promise
Each and every day Happometer will help you to...
  • Understand the customer experience
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Facilitate the flow of feedback from customers to managers
  • Focus your energy on successful interventions
  • Validate the strength of your operations
  • Improve upon your service delivery while you build customer loyalty
Sure, there are other great systems out there. But Happometer provides a priceless experience platform with countless benefits to all of our users — just ask them!

We stand by the Happometer Promise and proudly offer:

  • Specialization in Hospitality & Private Clubs
  • Excellence in User Support
  • Fair Pricing
Product Integration
Happometer's automated integration with 3rd-party systems unlocks the full potential of your operations.

Our robust APIs plug in with ease, and our technology captures mission-critical sentiments from customers.

  • The integration creates eureka moments by identifying key strengths and shortfalls in your operations
  • It helps your team to grasp what they are doing well and how they can do better
Sentiments with AI
Happometer's proprietary Artificial Intelligence helps you wrap your head around thousands of data points at once.

Happometer's natural-language processing service focuses on context and customized data modeling for your company. It generates actionable insights and connections from open-ended text. It detects and classifies key phrases, entities, persons, keywords, dates, places, events, and sentiment.

Key Modules
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Team Experience
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Post-Event Experience
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Value Proposition
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UI & UX Simplicity
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from feedback to feedforward

The neuroscience of feedback has everything to do with fight-or-flight. This post is for and about managers, team members, customers, and the feedback loop. We shed light on the Five Ws: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. "Wead" it and weep with a wondrous wow! Full article here...

Accolades with Matthew Allnatt

An eloquent executive befitting the grandeur of a historic institution: Matthew Allnatt talks about the success of his team in enriching the lives of Jonathan Club in downtown LA, with its 70 room hotel and Santa Monica beach location.

go ahead: Make my day!

Happometer is a no nonsense analytics tool for real-time commentary and metrics across all Club facilities.

Steve Cummings, Executive Director
Harvard Club of Boston

Welcoming the dac

We're excited to partner with the Detroit Athletic Club, rated the #1 Athletic Club in America. The DAC was founded in 1887, celebrating more than a century of leadership housed within magnificent architecture where tradition and excellence truly thrive.

Kaizen dashboard

Team Happometer released its Kaizen dashboard to Jeff Geisler, GM at Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure, fulfilling Jeff's strategy of constituency engagement in what he termed "Betterment Idea." At this community of 1,400 members and 200 lodging properties and vacation rentals, people can submit multi-media directly from their mobile app to report issues they encounter on permises, while Team RB takes action in real-time.

Bab Al Nojoum's Liwa Resort

Congratulations to Bab Al Nojoum for most recently adding Liwa Resort to its portfolio of vacation glamping, a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping." Liwa comes on the heels of Mugheirah Resort (biosphere nature reserve destination) and Hudayriyat beachfront resort.

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