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Like you, our users are busy managers and on-the-move.
Happometer spares managers yet another layer of complexity. Instead Happometer provides a system with insights constantly at your fingertips.
Explore our best-in-class solutions for customer experience and team engagement.
Key Modules
Do a whole lot with Happometer
Customer experience
  • Customize outlet forms (branding & questions)
  • Get the pulse in the moment
  • Frequency Control to avoid bombardment
  • Use multiple channels for transactional feedback
  • Ask upon checkout (email, SMS), or by random sampling, or customer opt-in on premises (kiosk, your app, QR Code, website)
  • Create engaging forms for periodic surveys
  • Deploy ad-hoc forms across departments
  • View posts on Happometer Mobile for managers on the move
Managers' Dashboards & action
  • Streaming posts, by outlet and user rights
  • Automated notifications to outlet managers
  • Active finger on the pulse
  • Case management for incident response
  • NPS/CSAT overall analytics or granular per question
  • Benchmarking across outlets and other entities
Team engagement
  • Use the questions bank and built-in behavioral factors/subfactors
  • Deploy Pulse360 for periodic surveys
  • Review instant analytics by department, outlet, question, behavioral factors...
Assess your events
  • Integrate your event registration list with your Happometer
  • Option to have your event ambassador check-in attendees in real-time using any device
  • Close your event — Done! Happometer takes care of the rest
  • Analyze event engagement and results
overall value
    You will...
  • Maintain new and positive energy overtime
  • Inform your strategy by identifying what actually works and what gaps exist, based on customer needs and any necessary improvements
  • Streamline service operations and team toward unified goals, aided by a continuous stream of input
  • Use concrete data and business metrics (CSAT, NPS, engagement levels...) to track variance week over week, to help the team organize around a mission-critical goal of earning more enthusiastic customers, therefore instilling a culture of excellence within the team and front-of-house staff.
  • Present and share your results more easily
  • Save time, energy, and budget
  • From the angle of HR and getting the team pulse, retain teammates due to improved operations and save the cost of employee churn and onboarding.
simple ui & ux
  • SIGNATURE | Your business name is the sender, but channels are automated by Happometer
  • ENGAGEMENT | Effective, personalized engagement using the customer’s name, your venue name and customized wording
  • CONTENT | Customized content and branding on your forms, per outlet
  • NO FRICTION | Elegant, user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to give feedback
  • RESPONSE | Improved response rates due to better engagement
  • NO BOMBARDMENT | Your Happometer automatically controls the frequency so you don't ask the same customer for feedback every time they visit
  • RESTRICTIONS | Options to restrict requests feedback based on minimum spending or customer type...
  • RANDOMIZED POOLING | Option to randomly choose from a daily pool of checkouts, with Frequency Controls
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